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Not even usable

This app doesn't do anything upon opening.

Doesn't load.

Downloaded the app and opened it, and a few scattered icons came up with a couple grey squares covering most of the screen. The icons did nothing. Nothing worked. It says this is a Map Tools client, so I guess it requires a connection to Map Tools, but there is no documentation at all so how would anyone know this??? Edit: From the developer website; By default, MaPnakotic works as a client that connects to another computer that hosts the MapTool server (avaiable from RPToolswebsite). The server is written in Java and runs on most popular OSes. OK, downloaded that, installed it, now what? Start up MapTool on your desktop/laptop, and then go to "Start Server" (found in different places depending on the OS), set a GM Password and Player Password (you can leave the port as is), and click OK. Now from your iOS device, you can enter the IP address of your computer, a user name and that player password, and tap Done. You'll now be seeing the same thing on the device as on the server. What is the IP address? This can be found in "Server Info" panel found by the "Connection Information..." menu item. Since you're probably on the same network as your server, you'll probably want to use the "Local Address". Otherwise use the "External Address". So I have to bring a laptop to use this? No - MaPnakotic works as a stand alone "battle mat", or, if you get the in-app purchase "Local Files Editor" option, you can copy campaign files you've created on with a full version MapTools via iTunes to the device and work with them there. Or you can even make your own campaign files (with multiple zones, line of sight, etc...) Then another person can connect to it? Not yet - that's coming in a future version. But how do I use it? You'll first need to get familiar with MapTool - there are a number of tutorials available on the RPTools website. Not everything seems to be working There are some current limitation in the MaPnakotic - most specifically, not all of the full macro functionality is available. This is being worked on, but there's a whole lot to do. How do I add a waypoint while moving a token, say I want him to walk around the corner While dragging with one finger, just tap another finger on the screen - it'll add (or remove) a waypoint where the token is The measurement on the device seems different than on the server Check that the metric is the same for both. I can connect fine, but I don't appear to be anywhere near the place shown to everybody else The server needs to issue a command to tell you where to "focus" on - this can easily be done by having the GM do a "Center Players on Current View" command How do I get those cool dice to roll on the screen? First you need to purchase them via the in-app purchase (tap the gear icon, then "Add Ons" - the dice are there). Then when you enter a chat command like "/roll 3d6" it'll roll the dice. Good luck!

One shade of grey

The app does not work. It freezes on a grey screen when trying to open. There are a couple of menu icons and rectangles on the screen that are frozen. No joy.

App doesn't even load

I'm sure it's just an error, but it doesn't change the fact I paid for this app faithfully.

Doesn't work

I load the app and nothing happens, using IPhone 6

Update required

Needs an update to be usable on iOS 8 but if it got that, instant 5/5

B87 support?

Maptools is a great product for D&D play. I was unable to get this product to work, it would be great to play remotely instead of missing campaign sessions. So far still unable to connect to a remote server -- best fix is to run Maptools on desktop and then use a Remote Desktop to connect to the product.

Semi useful map tool

The only way this product is useful is if you are building the maps completely in maptool. If your like me and import your maps from other programs than forget it, they show up as a black square because there is no way to add custom items to the app. If the app could load custom items from the server it would be great.

Do not get

The one thing that makes this app a complete waste it that there is no tutorial.... Controls are not intuitive. Extreme lag... To the point where I can draw on paper faster. Loading entire maps can only take up one tile... Making them useless. I'm sure there a a million and one things that could be done with this is you already know how to use it... But all in all.... Epic fail


Why can't I play?????

usable, but not quite there

Connects fine and allows for token placement and moving - a little laggy, but that might have been my connection. Dice rolling in chat defaults to only displaying the sum of all dice rolls, rather than the individual rolls and then the sum, which is counter to the desktop client. A server browser would be a welcome addition. It's useable if you don't have a desktop or laptop handy, but there's plenty of room for improvement.


Some improvement includes clicking on icons on the layers object to reveal information set by the GM. Also, explain better to the users in the app description what "client" and MapTool are. Some don't get it and give you unnecessary bad ratings.

Good Client side app for Maptools

Just discovered this and happy to have found it. All I wanted was a client so the players could move their tokens as we displayed the map on the TV. So now they can connect to the server and do so with an ipad/ipone. Worked great for us!

Good enough.

Connecting to a server and local campaigns work great. However, I'm missing the ability to select a map in it. Right now the gm has to keep centering people's view to current map.

In app purchases

Would be freaking nice if I could open the app without having map tools already on my laptop. I understand that if I have the local campaigns purchase I won't have to haul my laptop everywhere. I should be able to purchase it RIGHT NOW. Further Stars withheld until this is useable.


This app would be amazing...if it worked. If you set aside the fact that- it doesn't work- this could easily be the best app ever written. But, unfortunately, it doesn't work so none of those things is true.

A Great Start

Great start, I'm now almost able to game with my iPad. Between this and iPlay4e. I'd give this 5 stars if I was able to select a map, rather than having to be centered to one by the server, and it also seems like the drawing layer is drawn over the tokens, when it is not on the server. Fix those 2 things and I would give this 5 stars.

Crashes sometimes

Overall it's very good but it crashes sometimes. You also should be able to delete objects and backgrounds.

Description needs work

It would have been very helpful to include in the list of requirements the fact that you need an account on a server. I didn't find this out until after installing the app on my iPad. Thankfully, it's free, so it was a simple matter of deleting the app. I'll give it three stars based on no other information, since I was unable to get past the login screen.


It doesn't even let me connect. It keeps saying fail

Crashes every 2 minutes

Crashes every 2 minutes it really annoys me

Not rating yet!

This game needs a tutorial. It makes no sense and always says "can't connect to the server."

Welcome to real RPGs

Wow. Finally a way for the players in our group without pcs to get into my maps. Thanks gandreas, and the small army if beta testers. Great 1.0 release. For those who do not know what this is, it is a client for a table top game mapping tool (think Dungeons and Dragons) called MapTool which can be found at If you do not role play with gamers who are also pc nerds, you do not want this app...

what is this app suppose to do? not working in my perspective


It ok, but crashes way to much I mean every 5mins

Almost there

A great idea, but crashed a lot... The tokens weren't on the grid, and I couldn't get them to move. Please keep working on this!

Its finally here!

I have been waiting a long time for this app to come out! Its finally here! Too bad there are a lot of bugs. For instance the grid will not turn off. The DM cannot limit a single player's view. The app crashes when you zoom out too far. The app will not know if the server turns off while connected. Done using it till this gets updated.

Solid 1.0 release!

Ganreas works hard with his customer base to keep them satisfied, and yet again I am impressed with his software. Built in cooperation with the creators of maptools, tabletop RPGs have just evolved!

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